Photogrammetry Services

Photogrammetry Services-

EOM provides digital UAV-Aerial Photogrammetric mapping services in the sector of government and commercial users. Our professional staff is dedicated to Deliver a quality product to client with in time frame. EOM Simplifying the technology and enable geographical pattern in users’ hands to focus on their business with minimal training and technical knowledge.

Stereo Compilation-

Stereo compilation refers to the mapping of vector features from oriented stereo pair (pair of overlapping photographs) in 3 dimensions. Our advanced softcopy plotter enables us to capture vector data from models of diverse scales and deliver the high quality digital topographic and Planimetric maps in industry standard formats.

DTM/DEM Extraction-

A digital terrain model (DTM) also consists of mass points (X, Y) with elevation values (Z) but unlike the DEM, the mass points are not in the form of a regularly spaced grid. The mass points are placed randomly as per the undulation of the terrain and the density of points can be adjusted so as to represent the actual terrain. In other words, lesser mass points can be used in a flat area more mass points can be captured to describe undulating terrain. Breaklines (to depict sudden change in the terrain) are also an integral feature in a DTM, besides the mass points.

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